The Arabic word in the Quran for selfishness is "l-shuḥa" ( الشُّحَّ ). The root of this word is ش ح ح, which has the following derivative meanings: selfish, stingy, greedy, and covetous. 4:128:20l-shuḥaالشُّحَّthe selfishness.33:19:1ashiḥḥatanأَشِحَّةًStingy / Selfish33:19:22ashiḥḥatanأَشِحَّةًStingy / Selfish59:9:27shuḥḥaشُحَّ(from the) stinginess / selfishness (of)64:16:12shuḥḥaشُحَّ(from the) stinginess / selfishness (of) Both 64:16 and 59:9 make the … Continue reading Selfishness