Good News

[9:20] Those who believe, and emigrate, and strive in the cause of GOD with their money and their lives, are far greater in rank in the sight of GOD. These are the winners.
[9:21] Their Lord gives them good news: mercy and approval from Him, and gardens where they rejoice in everlasting bliss.
[9:22] Eternally they abide therein. GOD possesses a great recompense.

If we emigrate a place that is not oppressive, that does not restrict you from practicing your religion freely would it still be emigrating in the cause of God to somewhere that is more righteous than your existing place of residence?

Is closing boarders unrighteous?

Restricting Immigration Makes The World Poor with Bryan Caplan

Is it wrong to be an illegal immigrant?

[24:27] O you who believe, do not enter homes other than yours without permission from their inhabitants, and without greeting them. This is better for you, that you may take heed. 

Milton Friedman – Illegal Immigration only helps when its Illegal

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