In this activity M&Ms were passed to only select people in the group. These individuals are free to do whatever they wanted with the M&Ms either keep it for themselves or give them to others. No one is allowed to ask for someone else’s M&Ms, but they are able to accept them if offered.

1. Who initially received M&Ms?
The male head of households were the one’s who received the M&Ms.

2. How were the M&Ms distributed once passed out?
For the head of households with kids at the study they would give the M&Ms to their children and spouse.

As the study progressed more and more people were giving out M&Ms, including the women of the husbands who received them. Eventually everyone received M&M’s but still some more than others.

Compare the M&Ms to power. In most societies it is the men that have the power, and they are most likely to provide this power to their children. The verses of the Quran in regards to divorce are predominately targeted towards the men as the decision makers. This makes their responsibility more as they have the possibility of becoming oppressors. As submitting men we need to be very sensitive to the power that God has given us and never abuse it.

The verses addressing the men means that the men have more responsibility for the power we have in our family, community and society and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

When power is centralized it is easy to be corrupted. “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Apache Indians…and the centralization of power – Ori Brafman “Starfish and Spider” Keynote at TRADOC

Pakistan Microlending Program Looks to Aid Women in Poverty

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