The Quran indicates multiple kinds of messengers from God: humans (17:93), jinns (6:130), angels (11:69), and scripture (65:10-11), but nowhere will you see God indicate a prophet from anything other than humans. This makes sense as God calls Muhammad the final prophet (nabi).

[33:40] Muhammad was not the father of any man among you. He was a messenger (rasool) of GOD and the final prophet (nabi). GOD is fully aware of all things.

So if we claim that Muhammad was the final messenger (rasool) this would be factually incorrect because it would indicate that God will not send any more messengers after Muhammad (e.g. human or angel to mankind).

But we know that the Quran is also a messenger of God, and that the Quran still persists today, 1400 years after Muhammad, so therefore Muhammad is not the final messenger.

[65:10] GOD has prepared for them severe retribution. Therefore, you shall reverence GOD, O you who possess intelligence and believed. GOD has sent down to you a message— [65:11] a messenger who recites to you GOD’s revelations, clearly, to lead those who believe and work righteousness out of the darkness into the light. Anyone who believes in GOD and leads a righteous life, He will admit him into gardens with flowing streams; they abide therein forever. GOD will generously reward him.

God informs us that as long as Children of Adam are here on Earth, He will continue sending messengers:

[7:35] O children of Adam, when messengers come to you from among you, and recite My revelations to you, those who take heed and lead a righteous life, will have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.

Also, it is a common human mistake to claim that God will not send any more messengers.

[40:34] Joseph had come to you before that with clear revelations, but you continued to doubt his message. Then, when he died you said, “GOD will not send any other messenger after him. (He was the last messenger)!” GOD thus sends astray those who are transgressors, doubtful.

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