The Infant Returned to His Mother

[28:12] We forbade him from accepting all the nursing mothers. (His sister) then said, “I can show you a family that can raise him for you, and take good care of him.” [28:13] Thus, we restored him to his mother, in order to please her, remove her worries, and to let her know that GOD’s promise is the truth. However, most of them do not know. [28:14] When he reached maturity and strength, we endowed him with wisdom and knowledge. We thus reward the righteous.

In order for Moses to not accept all the nursing mothers required God to control the existing nursing mothers in addition to Moses’ instincts and the chance event of Moses’ sister being present to suggest her mother.

The parallel between Moses and his teacher in sura 18 and Moses’ history.

  • Teacher killed renders raft defective
    • Moses put into vessel thrown into the river
  • Teacher kills a boy
    • Pharaoh tries to kill Moses
  • Teacher patches a wall

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