The Disbelievers Rebutted by the Quran’s Mathematical Code

[25:4] Those who disbelieved said, “This is a fabrication that he produced, with the help of some other people.” They have uttered a blasphemy and a falsehood.
[25:5] They also said, “Tales from the past that he wrote down; they were dictated to him day and night.”*
[25:6] Say, “This was revealed by the One who knows the Secret* in the heavens and the earth. He is Forgiving, Most Merciful.”
*25:5 Muhammad’s contemporaries knew that he was a literate man who could read and write; he wrote God’s revelations with his own hand (see Appendix 28).
*25:6 The Quran’s miraculous mathematical code, the incontrovertible answer to the disbelievers’ claims, remained a divinely guarded secret for 1400 years. God’s Messenger of the Covenant was destined to unveil it by God’s leave (Appendices 1, 2, & 26).

The Quran Is Not Copied From The Bible

[16:103] We are fully aware that they say, “A human being is teaching him!” The tongue of the source they hint at is non-Arabic, and this is a perfect Arabic tongue.

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