The Disbelievers Unappreciative

[23:62] We never burden any soul beyond its means, and we keep a record that utters the truth. No one will suffer injustice.
[23:63] Because their minds are oblivious to this, they commit works that do not conform with this; their works are evil.
[23:64] Then, when we requite their leaders with retribution, they complain.
[23:65] Do not complain now; you have given up all help from us.
[23:66] My proofs have been presented to you, but you turned back on your heels.
[23:67] You were too arrogant to accept them, and you defiantly disregarded them.
[23:68] Why do they not reflect upon this scripture? Do they not realize that they have received something never attained by their ancestors?
[23:69] Have they failed to recognize their messenger? Is this why they are disregarding him?
[23:70] Have they decided that he is crazy? Indeed, he has brought the truth to them, but most of them hate the truth.
[23:71] Indeed, if the truth conformed to their wishes, there would be chaos in the heavens and the earth; everything in them would be corrupted. We have given them their proof, but they are disregarding their proof.
[23:72] Are you asking them for a wage? Your Lord’s wage is far better. He is the best Provider.
[23:73] Most assuredly, you are inviting them to a straight path.
[23:74] Those who disbelieve in the Hereafter will surely deviate from the right path.
[23:75] Even when we showered them with mercy, and relieved their problems, they plunged deeper into transgression, and continued to blunder.
[23:76] Even when we afflicted them with retribution, they never turned to their Lord imploring.
[23:77] Subsequently, when we requited them with the severe retribution they had incurred, they were shocked.
[23:78] He is the One who granted you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brains. Rarely are you appreciative.
[23:79] He is the One who established you on earth, and before Him you will be summoned.
[23:80] He is the One who controls life and death, and He is the One who alternates the night and day. Do you not understand?
[23:81] They said what their ancestors said.
[23:82] They said, “After we die and become dust and bones, we get resurrected?
[23:83] “Such promises were given to us and to our parents in the past. These are no more than tales from the past.” 

Truth = Order
Falsehood = Chaos 

In some fundamental way goodness, order and meaning are related while evil, disorder, and meaninglessness are also related. Like a mathematical proof if one premise of the proof is flawed then all the proof and all the axioms based on that one flawed premise are also flawed.  

[76:3] We showed him the two paths, then, he is either appreciative, or unappreciative. 

[9:125] As for those who harbored doubts in their hearts, it actually added unholiness to their unholiness, and they died as disbelievers. [9:126] Do they not see that they suffer from exacting trials every year once or twice? Yet, they consistently fail to repent, and fail to take heed? 

[27:72] Say, “You are already suffering some of the retribution you challenge.” 

[34:45] Those before them disbelieved, and even though they did not see one-tenth* of (the miracle) we have given to this generation, when they disbelieved My messengers, how severe was My retribution! 

Our Response to the Messengers

[28:65] On that day, He will ask everyone, “How did you respond to the messengers?” [28:66] They will be so stunned by the facts on that day, they will be speechless. 

[26:203] They will then say, “Can we have a respite?” [26:204] Did they not challenge our retribution? [26:205] As you see, we allowed them to enjoy for years. [26:206] Then the retribution came to them, just as promised. [26:207] Their vast resources did not help them in the least. [26:208] We never annihilate any community without sending warners. [26:209] Therefore, this is a reminder, for we are never unjust.

[21:107] We have sent you out of mercy from us towards the whole world.

[43:76] It is not us who wronged them; it is they who wronged their own souls.

[47:9] That is because they hated what GOD revealed and consequently, He nullifies their works. 

[47:26] This is because they said to those who hated what GOD has sent down, “We will obey you in certain matters.” GOD fully knows their secret conspiracies.

[22:62] It is a fact that GOD is the Truth, while the setting up of any idols beside Him constitutes a falsehood, and that GOD is the Most High, the Supreme.

[87:3] He designs and guides. 

[36:69] What we taught him (the messenger) was not poetry, nor is he (a poet). This is but a formidable proof,* and a profound Quran.

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