Moses and Aaron

[23:45] Then we sent Moses and his brother Aaron with our revelations and a profound proof.
[23:46] To Pharaoh and his elders, but they turned arrogant. They were oppressive people.
[23:47] They said, “Shall we believe for two men whose people are our slaves?”
[23:48] They rejected the two, and consequently, they were annihilated.
[23:49] We gave Moses the scripture, that they may be guided.
[23:50] We made the son of Mary and his mother a sign, and we gave them refuge on a mesa with food and drink.

Who Is Doing Whom A Favor?

[49:17] They act as if they are doing you a favor by embracing Submission! Say, “You are not doing me any favors by embracing Submission. GOD is the One who is doing you a great favor by guiding you to the faith, if you are sincere.” 

The Book of Moses*

[28:43] We gave Moses the scripture—after having annihilated the previous generations, and after setting the examples through them—to provide enlightenment for the people, and guidance, and mercy, that they may take heed.



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