[19:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
[19:1] K. H. Y. ‘A. S.* (Kãf Hã Yã ‘Ayn Sãd) 

*19:1 This is the maximum number of Quranic Initials, because this sura deals with such crucial matters as the miraculous birth of John and the virgin birth of Jesus, and strongly condemns the gross blasphemy that considers Jesus to be a son of God. The five initials provide a powerful physical evidence to support these issues (See Appendices 1 & 22). 

Kãf = 20
Hã = 4
Yã ‘ = 10
Ayn = 70
Sãd = 90

204,107,090 = 19 x 10,795,110

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