Angels Visit Abraham

[15:51] Inform them about Abraham’s guests.
[15:52] When they entered his quarters, they said, “Peace.” He said, “We are apprehensive about you.”
[15:53] They said, “Do not be apprehensive. We have good news for you: an enlightened son.”
[15:54] He said, “How can you give me such good news, when I am so old? Do you still give me this good news?”
[15:55] They said, “The good news we give you is true; do not despair.”
[15:56] He said, “None despairs of his Lord’s mercy, except the strayers.”
[15:57] He said, “What is your mission, O messengers?”
[15:58] They said, “We are being dispatched to guilty people.
[15:59] “As for Lot’s family, we will save them all.
[15:60] “But not his wife; she is destined to be with the doomed.” 

Is the messenger in verse 15:57 the same messenger at verse 15:61? 

Interesting that in 15:52 Abraham is upfront with the angel with his comment. Similar to when Mary was informed about Jesus.

Was Abraham being extravagant when he gave the travellers a roasted calf?

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