[12:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
[12:1] A. L. R. These (letters) are proofs of this profound scripture.*
*12:1 The Quranic initials constitute a major component of a great miracle (App. 1).

[12:2] We have revealed it an Arabic Quran, that you may understand.*
*12:2 Why was the Quran revealed in Arabic? See 41:44 and Appendix 4. 

[12:3] We narrate to you the most accurate history through the revelation of this Quran. Before this, you were totally unaware.
[12:4] Recall that Joseph said to his father, “O my father, I saw eleven planets, and the sun, and the moon; I saw them prostrating before me.”
[12:5] He said, “My son, do not tell your brothers about your dream, lest they plot and scheme against you. Surely, the devil is man’s worst enemy.
[12:6] “Your Lord has thus blessed you, and has given you good news through your dream. He has perfected His blessings upon you and upon the family of Jacob, as He did for your ancestors Abraham and Isaac before that. Your Lord is Omniscient, Most Wise.”
[12:7] In Joseph and his brothers there are lessons for the seekers.
[12:8] They said, “Joseph and his brother are favored by our father, and we are in the majority. Indeed, our father is far astray.

Authenticity of Quran is pointed out openly, but the secret was the code to authenticate it.

Why Arabic?
One way of thinking: There was Arabic language and then God and chose Quran in Arabic because it was the most complete language

Alternate view: God created all language and He put it in place for the purpose of Quran – works hand in hand, because God is omnipotent.

If you understand Arabic then can you understand the Quran 100%?

Not necessarily, you need to be open to the Quran to understand it – believe it to understand it. It’s not about the language it is the main point that is underlying, could get 40 messages in 5 verses, and you only understood 10 of them. You have to dig deep and be open to the message, there is a lot of room for finding out new things regardless of language. Must have sincerity.

Only the Sincere Can Understand the Quran

[56:75] I swear by the positions of the stars. [56:76] This is an oath, if you only knew, that is awesome.* [56:77] This is an honorable Quran. [56:78] In a protected book. [56:79] None can grasp it except the sincere.*
**56:79 The insincere who are not satisfied with the Quran alone are divinely prevented from understanding the Quran. This concept is repeated throughout the Quran (17:45, 18:57). Consequently, they cannot understand this verse. For example, compare this translation of 7:3, 17:46, 41:44, & 56:79 with other translations.

Accurate history through revelation of Quran, why does this say before this you were unaware if history in Bible?
The history that we don’t have in other books is the history of the Great Feud, it is not in any of the other books. This is why before this you were totally unaware. Not that you were unaware of previous prophets history, but rather our history before Adam & Eve touched the tree.

This is the only chapter talking about all the human emotions with a prophet, this is the most historic with a lot of details.

What does it mean to prostrate?
To follow, to obey. Means to follow the order of God. Act of obedience. Praise someone by showing their worship to them, we are recognizing that God is the Most High.

[2:34] When we said to the angels, “Fall prostrate before Adam,” they fell prostrate, except Satan; he refused, was too arrogant, and a disbeliever. 

[38:72] “Once I design him, and blow into him from My spirit, you shall fall prostrate before him.” 

Dreaming is a technique by God to communicate what the future is going to look like.  

What are the lessons that we should we get from Joseph and his brothers?

  1. Patience – God’s timing
  2. Scheming – God is the best schemer
  3. Lying – lies will come back to haunt you
  4. Fate – no matter what people try to do God has control of your destiny, regardless of peoples schemes
  5. Jealousy – remove jealousy from our hearts, it is an abominable trait
  6. Victory – victory comes to the believers, do not despair

Was there real backing for their jealousy? Is there a lesson with how we should be with our kids?

The answer is from the bible, Joseph and his full brother were from Jacob’s favorite wife. Their half brothers were from less favored wife of Jacob. People naturally will have favoritism, but this is a lesson for us that we should try and treat our children fairly and equally.

Do Not Change Your Names

[33:5] You shall give your adopted children names that preserve their relationship to their genetic parents. This is more equitable in the sight of GOD. If you do not know their parents, then, as your brethren in religion, you shall treat them as members of your family. You do not commit a sin if you make a mistake in this respect; you are responsible for your purposeful intentions. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

Treat even adopted children as your own children, don’t want jealousy between family members. Very relevant with how you should treat all children equitably. Maybe this is why Jacob went through such hardship, because he treated his children so unfairly. 

Last part of our impurities to be removed is jealousy; we all have some. Important to work on jealousy, like other commandments it is hard, but if we are humble then we can drop it. Jealousy has no place in our lives to be carried to our end.

[7:42] As for those who believe and lead a righteous life—we never burden any soul beyond its means—these will be the dwellers of Paradise. They abide in it forever.

By God’s Grace

[7:43] We will remove all jealousy from their hearts. Rivers will flow beneath them, and they will say, “GOD be praised for guiding us. We could not possibly be guided, if it were not that GOD has guided us. The messengers of our Lord did bring the truth.” They will be called: “This is your Paradise. You have inherited it, in return for your works.” 

The Problem of History

Appendix 4

(from: Quran The Final Testament, by Rashad Khalifa, PhD.) 

Why Was the Quran Revealed in Arabic? 

We learn from 41:44 that the sincere believers have access to the Quran, regardless of their mother tongue. The disbelievers, on the other hand, are not permitted access to the Quran, even if they are professors of the Arabic language (17:4518:5741:44, & 56:79).

Arabic is the most efficient language in the world, especially when it comes to the precise statement of laws. Since the Quran is a Statute Book, it was crucial that such laws must be clearly stated. God chose Arabic for His Final Testament because of the obvious reason that it is the most suitable language for that purpose. Arabic is unique in its efficiency and accuracy. For example, the word “they” in English does not tell you if “they” are males or females. In Arabic there is a “they” for the males, “HUM,” and a “they” for the females, “HUNNA.” There is even a “they” for two males, “HUMAA,” and a “they” for two females, “HAATAAN.” This feature does not exist in any other language in the world. I came to appreciate this efficiency of the Arabic language when I translated, for example, 2:228. This verse enjoins the divorcee to give up her own wishes to divorce her husband, if she discovers that she is pregnant, and the husband wishes to reconcile – the welfare of the child takes a priority. The efficiency of the Arabic language was extremely helpful in stating this law. Any other language would have made it almost impossible to point out whose wishes are to be superseded, at least not in such a few words as we see in 2:228.

The word “Qaalataa” of 28:23, for example, translates into four English words: “the two women said.” Such is the efficiency of the Arabic language. 

Another possible reason for choosing Arabic is the fact that “He” and “She” do not necessarily imply natural gender. Thus, when God is referred to as “He,” this does not imply gender at all. God be glorified; He is neither male, nor female. The usage of “He” to refer to God in the English language, for example, has contributed to a false image of God. This was not helped by such distorted expressions as “Father” when referring to God. You never find such a reference to God in the Quran. 


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