Believers are Blessed with God’s Assurances

[12:15] When they went away with him, and unanimously decided to throw him into the abyss of the well, we inspired him: “Some day, you will tell them about all this, while they have no idea.”
[12:16] They came back to their father in the evening, weeping.
[12:17] They said, “Our father, we went racing with each other, leaving Joseph with our equipment, and the wolf devoured him. You will never believe us, even if we were telling the truth.”
[12:18] They produced his shirt with fake blood on it. He said, “Indeed, you have conspired with each other to commit a certain scheme. All I can do is resort to a quiet patience. May GOD help me in the face of your conspiracy.”

Was Jacob being suspicious?
See 12:86 – Jacob knew that Joseph was still alive.

From 12:18 Jacob’s prayer shows that he was not worried about Joseph as he would be taken care of by God, but he was worried about himself.

Why didn’t Joseph’s brothers ever tell their dad about what they did to Joesph?

[12:97] They said, “Our father, pray for our forgiveness; we were wrong indeed.” [12:98] He said, “I will implore my Lord to forgive you; He is the Forgiver, Most Merciful.”

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