A Historical Crime Unveiled: Tampering With the Word of God.* God Provides Irrefutable Evidence

[9:127] Whenever a sura was revealed, some of them would look at each other as if to say: “Does anyone see you?” Then they left. Thus, GOD has diverted their hearts, for they are people who do not comprehend.

Footnote: *9:1 & *9:127 This is the only sura that is not prefixed with the Basmalah. This phenomenon has puzzled the students of the Quran for 14 centuries, and many theories were advanced to explain it. Now we realize that the conspicuous absence of the Basmalah serves three purposes: (1) It represents an advance divine proclamation that the idol worshipers were destined to tamper with the Quran by adding 2 false verses (9:128-129). (2) It demonstrates one of the functions of God’s mathematical code in the Quran, namely, to guard the Quran against any alteration. (3) It provides additional miraculous features of the Quran’s code. Due to their extraordinary importance, the details are given in Appendices 24 and 29. One immediate observation is that the number of occurrences of the word “God” at the end of Sura 9 is 1273 (19×67). If the two false verses 128 & 129 are included, this phenomenon—and many more—will vanish.


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