God Protects His Messenger*

[8:30] The disbelievers plot and scheme to neutralize you, or kill you, or banish you. However, they plot and scheme, but so does GOD. GOD is the best schemer.
*8:30 God chose His final prophet, Muhammad, from the strongest tribe of Arabia. It was tribal laws and traditions that prevented the disbelievers—by God’s leave—from killing Muhammad. Similarly, it was God’s will to move His Messenger of the Covenant from the Middle East, where he would have been killed, to the U.S.A. where God’s message can flourish and reach every corner of the globe. This is mathematically confirmed: the sura & verse numbers= 8+30=19×2.

[8:31] When our revelations are recited to them, they say, “We have heard. If we wanted to, we could have said the same things. These are no more than tales from the past!”
[8:32] They also said, “Our god, if this is really the truth from You, then shower us with rocks from the sky, or pour upon us a painful punishment.”
[8:33] However, GOD is not to punish them while you are in their midst; GOD is not to punish them while they are seeking forgiveness.
[8:34] Have they not deserved GOD’s retribution, by repelling others from the Sacred Masjid, even though they are not the custodians thereof? The true custodians thereof are the righteous, but most of them do not know.

How do we reconcile the header of 8:30 when God allows some of his messengers and prophets to be killed?

[3:183] It is they who said, “GOD has made a covenant with us that we shall not believe in any messenger, unless he produces an offering that gets consumed by fire.” Say, “Messengers before me have come to you with clear proofs, including what you just demanded. Why then did you kill them, if you are truthful?” 

[2:91] When they are told, “You shall believe in these revelations of GOD,” they say, “We believe only in what was sent down to us.” Thus, they disbelieve in subsequent revelations, even if it is the truth from their Lord, and even though it confirms what they have! Say, “Why then did you kill GOD’s prophets, if you were believers?” 

God allows certain people to kill His messengers when their time on this earth is complete to confirm the sinfulness of the people. Everyone’s life will be terminated at a predetermined moment in this world.

How are the people in 8:33 seeking forgiveness?

As long as we are in this world we have a chance to repent.

[35:37] They will scream therein, “Our Lord, if you get us out of here, we will work righteousness, instead of the works we used to do.” Did we not give you a life-long chance, with continuous reminders for those who would take heed? Did you not receive the warner? Therefore, taste (the consequences). The transgressors will have no one to help them.

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