[4:117] They even worship female gods besides Him; as a matter of fact, they only worship a rebellious devil.
[4:118] GOD has condemned him, and he said, “I will surely recruit a definite share of Your worshipers.*
*4:118 The majority of believers in God fall into idolatry (12:106). 

The Flimsy Idols

[53:19] Compare this with the female idols Allaat and Al-`Uzzah.
[53:20] And Manaat, the third one.
[53:21] Do you have sons, while He has these as daughters?
[53:22] What a disgraceful distribution!

The index also shows the following verses under Angel è idolization and calling them God’s daughters: 3:80, 17:40 33:40-41 37:150 43:19 53:27

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