[3:7] He sent down to you this scripture, containing straightforward verses – which constitute the essence of the scripture – as well as multiple-meaning or allegorical verses. Those who harbor doubts in their hearts will pursue the multiple-meaning verses to create confusion, and to extricate a certain meaning. None knows the true meaning thereof except GOD and those well founded in knowledge. They say, “We believe in this – all of it comes from our Lord.” Only those who possess intelligence will take heed.
[3:8] “Our Lord, let not our hearts waver, now that You have guided us. Shower us with Your mercy; You are the Grantor.
[3:9] “Our Lord, You will surely gather the people on a day that is inevitable. GOD never breaks a promise.”

We should not pursue the multiple meaning verses unless it can be supported by straightforward verses. It is like a traffic light telling us where it is okay to go, where to slow down and when to stop.

Exploration can help us because it allows us to see things in a new angle and gain a deeper understanding as long as the answers can be supported through God’s revelations and the straight forward verses. The understanding of the Quran should not contradict the Quran.

The Quran is infinite in depth and understanding, and God chooses what He wants to reveal to His servants. The more wholehearted we are the more layers He allows us to see.

[10:9] As for those who believe and lead a righteous life, their Lord guides them, by virtue of their belief. Rivers will flow beneath them in the gardens of bliss.

We shouldn’t act like Satan and forget who gives us the knowledge.

Divine Revelation: The Source of All Knowledge

[17:85] They ask you about the revelation. Say, “The revelation comes from my Lord. The knowledge given to you is minute.
[17:86] If we will, we can take back what we revealed to you, then you will find no protector against us.
[17:87] This is but mercy from your Lord. His blessings upon you have been great.

[12:76] He then started by inspecting their containers, before getting to his brother’s container, and he extracted it out of his brother’s container. We thus perfected the scheme for Joseph; he could not have kept his brother if he applied the king’s law. But that was the will of GOD. We exalt whomever we choose to higher ranks. Above every knowledgeable one, there is one who is even more knowledgeable.

Straightforward verses constitute the essence of the Quran, but God also revealed allegorical verses. People with doubt in their hearts will pursue the multiple meaning verses. This is a way to bring out the true convictions of the people.

Why would God design a book that could lead to so much misunderstanding? Is it like this in the other scriptures?

Humans are incredibly good at justifying their actions. No one thinks of themselves as immoral or a bad person. This characteristic goes beyond the Quran. It is the ego that will pursue an understanding to benefit ones self at the expense of the truth. People will always find a way to support their actions through whatever the law is. This happens in the laws that states institute as well as in God’s law. God allows people to do this to confirm their true convictions.

An example of this is in the Bible where people negate the teachings of Jesus and supersede them with the teachings of Paul to the point that they first called Jesus the son of God and then eventually that Jesus is God. This is not supported anywhere in the teachings of Jesus, yet people find ways to justify this blasphemous belief.


Allegory in Literature Examples

What are the different ways that someone’s heart could waver?
The prayer from verse 8 is in continuation from verse 7 through 9. We pray to God that we are not drawn to the wrong understanding. We pray to God that He guides us to the truth. That we don’t allow our ego to send us astray by creating an understanding that is not supported by the Quran.

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