You Shall Observe the Contact Prayers*
[2:238] You shall consistently observe the Contact Prayers, especially the middle prayer, and devote yourselves totally to GOD.

*2:238 All five prayers are found in 2:238, 11:114, 17:78, & 24:58. When the Quran was revealed, the Contact Prayers (Salat) had already been in existence (Appendix 9). The details of all five prayers – what to recite and the number of units (Rak`aas) per prayer, etc. – are mathematically confirmed. For example, writing down the number of units for each of the five prayers, next to each other, we get 24434, 19×1286. Also, if we use [*] to represent Sura 1 (Al-Faatehah), where [*]=the sura number (1), followed by the number of verses (7), followed by the number of each verse, the number of letters in each verse, and the gematrical value of every letter, writing down 2[*][*]4[*][*][*][*]4[*][*][*][*]3[*][*][*]4[*][*][*][*] produces a multiple of 19 (see 1:1).

[2:239] Under unusual circumstances, you may pray while walking or riding. Once you are safe, you shall commemorate GOD as He taught you what you never knew.

This criteria is supposed to be used for only under unusual circumstances and not day to day occurrences. We need to make a valiant effort to do our Contact Prayer in the manner specified by God as much as we can. Additionally, the contact prayer needs to be done at specific times

[4:103] Once you complete your Contact Prayer (Salat), you shall remember GOD while standing, sitting, or lying down. Once the war is over, you shall observe the Contact Prayers (Salat); the Contact Prayers (Salat) are decreed for the believers at specific times.

Praying on a Plane

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