Do Not Marry Idol Worshipers
[2:221] Do not marry idolatresses unless they believe; a believing woman is better than an idolatress, even if you like her. Nor shall you give your daughters in marriage to idolatrous men, unless they believe. A believing man is better than an idolater, even if you like him. These invite to Hell, while GOD invites to Paradise and forgiveness, as He wills. He clarifies His revelations for the people, that they may take heed.

The definition of believer is 2:62, but what is the definition of an idolater?

[2:62] Surely, those who believe, those who are Jewish, the Christians, and the converts; anyone who (1) believes in GOD, and (2) believes in the Last Day, and (3) leads a righteous life, will receive their recompense from their Lord. They have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.

To believe in God, it requires to know God’s qualities. That God is All Knowing, All Powerful, Omnipresent. If we don’t know God’s qualities we can’t say we believe in God.

Idol worshipers think that some other entity has power independent of God. Even if they think that this other entity is subordinate or a servant of God, if they believe that there is a power independent of God this is idol worship. Anyone who sets up a mediator between God is committing idol worship. To think that someone else’s word can supersede God’s decision is idol worship.

The Myth of Intercession Shattered
[63:6] It is the same for them, whether you pray for their forgiveness, or not pray for their forgiveness; GOD will not forgive them. For GOD does not guide the wicked people.

Satan’s Most Effective Bait: The Myth of Intercession*
[9:80] Whether you ask forgiveness for them, or do not ask forgiveness for them – even if you ask forgiveness for them seventy times – GOD will not forgive them. This is because they disbelieve in GOD and His messenger. GOD does not guide the wicked people.

[2:48] Beware of the day when no soul can avail another soul, no intercession will be accepted, no ransom can be paid, nor can anyone be helped.

[2:123] Beware of the day when no soul will help another soul, no ransom will be accepted, no intercession will be useful, and no one will be helped.

[2:254] O you who believe, you shall give to charity from the provisions we have given to you, before a day comes where there is no trade, no nepotism, and no intercession. The disbelievers are the unjust.

[36:23] “Shall I set up beside Him gods? If the Most Gracious willed any harm for me, their intercession cannot help me one bit, nor can they rescue me.

[43:86] None of those whom they idolize beside Him possess any power to intercede, unless their intercession coincides with the truth, and they fully know.

Anyone who believes in intercession is committing idol worship

What does it mean to believe in the Hereafter?

If we believe in the Hereafter we would understand the Quran (17:45), not follow any source other than the Quran (6:113 – 114), and not mention any names beside God (39:45)

Hadith & Sunna: Fabrications by the Prophet’s Enemies
[6:112] We have permitted the enemies of every prophet – human and jinn devils – to inspire in each other fancy words, in order to deceive. Had your Lord willed, they would not have done it. You shall disregard them and their fabrications.

Important Criterion
[6:113] This is to let the minds of those who do not believe in the Hereafter listen to such fabrications, and accept them, and thus expose their real convictions.*

Disbelievers Cannot Understand Quran
[17:45] When you read the Quran, we place between you and those who do not believe in the Hereafter an invisible barrier.

Quran: The ONLY Source
[17:46] We place shields around their minds, to prevent them from understanding it, and deafness in their ears. And when you preach your Lord, using the Quran alone,* they run away in aversion.

[39:45] When GOD ALONE is mentioned, the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter shrink with aversion. But when others are mentioned beside Him, they become satisfied.

This verse is a good example that God requires us to judge.

It is very important to select a believing spouse when making this choice. It reminds me of the verse where God tells us to force ourselves to be with the believers. A spouse is someone that you are going to spend a big part of your life with and a lot of the life decisions are going to be dependent on the spouse that we choose.

Quranic Study Groups
[18:28] You shall force yourself to be with those who worship their Lord day and night, seeking Him alone. Do not turn your eyes away from them, seeking the vanities of this world. Nor shall you obey one whose heart we rendered oblivious to our message; one who pursues his own desires, and whose priorities are confused.

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