[2:200] Once you complete your rites, you shall continue to commemorate GOD as you commemorate your own parents, or even better. Some people would say, “Our Lord, give us of this world,” while having no share in the Hereafter.

What does it mean to commemorate God as you commemorate your own parents?

Commemorate own parents, the ones raising you paying for your education, never realize how much they do. A lot of people see that and they appreciate their parents. 1st commandment there is no god beside God, 2nd commandment is honor your parents

31:14 “We enjoined the human being to honor his parents. His mother bore him, and the load got heavier and heavier. It takes two years (of intensive care) until weaning. You shall be appreciative of Me, and of your parents. To Me is the ultimate destiny.”

Tendency to pray for loved ones when in Hajj – is a reminder for Hajj that your main commemoration should be to God.

How do you commemorate parents?

Definition commemorate:

  • to exist or be done in order to remind people of (an important event or person from the past)
  • to do something special in order to remember and honor (an important event or person from the past)

After a certain age we don’t need them anymore – are we still giving them attention now that we don’t need them? Are you willing to do that? Means to remember/tend to/take care of. To commemorate God means to honor/remember God.

Whatever occupies most of your day is your God. Should always think about God the most. Commemoration of God always has to be higher than remembrance of parents.


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