Abu Hurayra

Abu-Hurayra ( أبو هريرة ) historically was a companion of the prophet Muhammad. He is most known for having the greatest number of Hadith attributed to him compared to any other companion, despite only being among the prophet for only a couple years before his passing. It is estimated that there are ~5,374 traditions attributed … Continue reading Abu Hurayra


The Arabic word in the Quran for selfishness is "l-shuḥa" ( الشُّحَّ ). The root of this word is ش ح ح, which has the following derivative meanings: selfish, stingy, greedy, and covetous. 4:128:20l-shuḥaالشُّحَّthe selfishness.33:19:1ashiḥḥatanأَشِحَّةًStingy / Selfish33:19:22ashiḥḥatanأَشِحَّةًStingy / Selfish59:9:27shuḥḥaشُحَّ(from the) stinginess / selfishness (of)64:16:12shuḥḥaشُحَّ(from the) stinginess / selfishness (of) Both 64:16 and 59:9 make the … Continue reading Selfishness