The Quran’s Mathematical Code

[26:5] Whenever a reminder from the Most Gracious comes to them, that is new, they turn away in aversion.
[26:6] Since they disbelieved, they have incurred the consequences of their heedlessness.
[26:7] Have they not seen the earth, and how many kinds of beautiful plants we have grown thereon?
[26:8] This should be a sufficient proof for them, but most of them are not believers.
[26:9] Most assuredly, your Lord is the Almighty, Most Merciful.

A Consequence of Their Own Decision

[6:111] Even if we sent down the angels to them; even if the dead spoke to them; even if we summoned every miracle before them; they cannot believe unless GOD wills it. Indeed, most of them are ignorant.

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