Profound Miracle

[21:68] They said, “Burn him and support your gods, if this is what you decide to do.”
[21:69] We said, “O fire, be cool and safe for Abraham.”*
[21:70] Thus, they schemed against him, but we made them the losers.
[21:71] We saved him, and we saved Lot, to the land that we blessed for all the people.
[21:72] And we granted him Isaac and Jacob as a gift, and we made them both righteous.
*21:69 “Cool,” without “and safe” would have caused Abraham to freeze.

If you are under God’s protection not even being thrown in fire will hurt you. Also see 21:42. 

[3:174] They have deserved GOD’s blessings and grace. No harm ever touches them, for they have attained GOD’s approval. GOD possesses infinite grace.

[85:4] Woe to the people of the canyon. [85:5] They ignited a blazing fire. [85:6] Then sat around it. [85:7] To watch the burning of the believers. [85:8] They hated them for no other reason than believing in GOD, the Almighty, the Praiseworthy.

Book of Daniel Movie

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