Homosexuality Condemned

[11:77] When our messengers went to Lot, they were mistreated, and he was embarrassed by their presence. He said, “This is a difficult day.”
[11:78] His people came rushing; they had grown accustomed to their sinful acts. He said, “O my people, it would be purer for you, if you take my daughters instead. You shall reverence GOD; do not embarrass me with my guests. Have you not one reasonable man among you?”
[11:79] They said, “You know well that we have no need for your daughters; you know exactly what we want.”
[11:80] He said, “I wish I were strong enough, or had a powerful ally!”
[11:81] (The angels) said, “O Lot, we are your Lord’s messengers, and these people cannot touch you. You shall leave with your family during the night, and let not anyone of you look back, except your wife; she is condemned along with those who are condemned. Their appointed time is the morning. Is not the morning soon enough?”

In 11:78 it shows that the people have become accustomed to their sinful acts.
Conditioning by the media to make people used to sinful behavior.

Why would Lot offer his daughters in 11:79?
Similar to Abraham’s argument

Abraham Debates With Idol Worshipers

[6:74] Recall that Abraham said to his father Ãzer, “How could you worship statues as gods? I see that you and your people have gone far astray.” [6:75] We showed Abraham the marvels of the heavens and the earth, and blessed him with certainty: [6:76] When the night fell, he saw a shining planet. “Maybe this is my Lord,” he said. When it disappeared, he said, “I do not like (gods) that disappear.” 

[15:61] The messengers went to Lot’s town. [15:62] He said, “You are unknown people.” [15:63] They said, “We bring to you what they have been doubting. [15:64] “We bring to you the truth; we are truthful. [15:65] “You shall take your family during the night. Stay behind them, and make sure that none of you looks back. Go straight as commanded.” [15:66] We delivered to him this command: those people are to be annihilated in the morning. [15:67] The people of the city came joyfully. [15:68] He said, “These are my guests; do not embarrass me. [15:69] “Fear GOD, and do not shame me.” [15:70] They said, “Did we not enjoin you from contacting anyone?” [15:71] He said, “Here are my daughters, if you must.” [15:72] But, alas, they were totally blinded by their lust. [15:73] Consequently, the disaster struck them in the morning. [15:74] We turned it upside down, and showered them with devastating rocks. [15:75] This is a lesson for those who possess intelligence.

Men and Women Endowed With Unique Qualities

[4:32] You shall not covet the qualities bestowed upon each other by GOD; the men enjoy certain qualities, and the women enjoy certain qualities. You may implore GOD to shower you with His grace. GOD is fully aware of all things.

Lot: Homosexuality Condemned

[7:80] Lot said to his people, “You commit such an abomination; no one in the world has done it before! [7:81] “You practice sex with the men, instead of the women. Indeed, you are a transgressing people.” [7:82] His people responded by saying, “Evict them from your town. They are people who wish to be pure.” [7:83] Consequently, we saved him and his family, but not his wife; she was with the doomed. [7:84] We showered them with a certain shower; note the consequences for the guilty.


[29:28] Lot said to his people, “You commit such an abomination, no one in the world has ever done it before you. [29:29] “You practice sex with the men, you commit highway robbery, and you allow all kinds of vice in your society.” The only response from his people was to say, “Bring to us GOD’s retribution, if you are truthful.” [29:30] He said, “My Lord, grant me victory over these wicked people.”

Angels Visit Abraham and Lot

[29:31] When our messengers went to Abraham with good news (about Isaac’s birth), they also said, “We are on our way to annihilate the people of that town (Sodom). For its people have been wicked.” [29:32] He said, “But Lot is living there.” They said, “We are fully aware of everyone who lives in it. We will of course save him and his family, except his wife; she is doomed.” [29:33] When our messengers arrived at Lot’s place, they were mistreated, and he was embarrassed by their presence. But they said, “Have no fear, and do not worry. We will save you and your family, except your wife; she is doomed. [29:34] “We will pour upon the people of this town a disaster from the sky, as a consequence of their wickedness.” [29:35] We left standing some of their ruins, to serve as a profound lesson for people who understand. 

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