God’s Tests Are Never Unreasonable

[4:66] Had we decreed for them: “You must offer your lives,” or “Give up your homes,” they would not have done it, except for a few of them. (Even if such a command was issued,) had they done what they were commanded to do, it would have been better for them, and would prove the strength of their faith.
[4:67] And we would have granted them a great recompense.
[4:68] And we would have guided them in the right path. 

“You are given this life, because you are strong enough to live it”


God tests us according to our means and knows exactly how much we can handle. God made each one of us specifically for the life that we are to lead and the obstacles that we are going to face. To doubt ourselves is to doubt the God who created us.

[20:39] “Saying: `Throw him into the box, then throw him into the river. The river will throw him onto the shore, to be picked up by an enemy of Mine and an enemy of his.’ I showered you with love from Me, and I had you made before My watchful eye.
[20:40] “Your sister walked to them and said, `I can tell you about a nursing mother who can take good care of him.’ We thus returned you to your mother, that she may be happy and stop worrying. And when you killed a person, we saved you from the grievous consequences; indeed we tested you thoroughly. You stayed years with the people of Midyan, and now you have come back in accordance with a precise plan.
[20:41] “I have made you just for Me.
[20:42] “Go with your brother, supported by My signs, and do not waver in remembering Me.
[20:43] “Go to Pharaoh, for he transgressed.
[20:44] “Speak to him nicely; he may take heed, or become reverent.”
[20:45] They said, “Our Lord, we fear lest he may attack us, or transgress.”
[20:46] He said, “Do not be afraid, for I will be with you, listening and watching.
[20:47] “Go to him and say, `We are two messengers from your Lord. Let the Children of Israel go. You must refrain from persecuting them. We bring a sign from your Lord, and peace is the lot of those who heed the guidance.

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