The Quran is not like any other book. Sometimes the verses seem to have no relation to one another, but upon further study it forces our brains to work harder to see the underlying messages that are interwoven in the verses. For instance we see that across the verses we see similar examples of different believers from different times who had to endure similar challenges

Abraham asked God to show him how to revive the dead (2:259) and also had a debate with the king (2:258).

Sleepers of Ephesus stood up against the trinity and also were put to death for 300 years (18:9 – 18:20).

By making these associations and having to think about things more critically we are forcing our brains to work harder. This approach that God used in designing the Quran allows us to be able to read the Quran an infinite number of times and always make new discoveries and pull additional information out of it.

On Freakonimics they discussed how one solution to terrorism would be for muslims to actually study the Quran

“Is There a Better Way to Fight Terrorism? A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast”

Is There a Better Way to Fight Terrorism? A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast.

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