Firstly we need to remember that God is running everything.

If a conflict arises between the understanding or a verse or topic, it is a good opportunity to study the subject matter deeper and understand that God is the one who provides the right understanding.

[28:56] You cannot guide the ones you love. GOD is the only One who guides in accordance with His will, and in accordance with His knowledge of those who deserve the guidance.

[13:31] Even if a Quran caused mountains to move, or the earth to tear asunder, or the dead to speak (they will not believe). GOD controls all things. Is it not time for the believers to give up and realize that if GOD willed, He could have guided all the people? The disbelievers will continue to suffer disasters, as a consequence of their own works, or have disasters strike close to them, until GOD’s promise is fulfilled. GOD will never change the predetermined destiny.

It is very important to respect one another. People will come to the message from different backgrounds and look at verses in different ways. We should try our best to listen and understand where each viewpoint is coming from. When we understand the viewpoint then we can look at what is the root of the disagreement.

For appropriate conflict resolution in a debate it is important to learn how to listen to the other party. When we listen it gives us an opportunity to understand the other side and think about what is being said.

People are free to understand the verses however they want as long as they don’t force their viewpoint on others.

If we are all sincere then God will guide us to the truth.

God tells us that we test us through each other to see what is inside our hearts. This is a huge test for us to see how we treat each other.

[6:53] We thus test the people by each other, to let them say (mockingly), “Are these the people among us who are blessed by GOD?” Is GOD not aware of the appreciative ones? 

[49:13] O people, we created you from the same male and female, and rendered you distinct peoples and tribes, that you may recognize one another. The best among you in the sight of GOD is the most righteous. GOD is Omniscient, Cognizant.

We don’t get anywhere if we don’t ask questions. By asking questions we grow in our understanding and it forces us to better understand the subject matter. If people don’t feel comfortable asking questions then we won’t learn, and if they have doubt that they are trying to overcome they won’t have a community that will help clarify matters for them.

The moderator of the Quran study bears a lot of the responsibility to make sure that the discussion stays productive, that both viewpoints are heard and understood, and that either side in a dispute is not being victimized or disrespected.

‘The Interrupters’ Confronts Chicago’s Gang Violence

We should love when people present opposing views because it helps us to gain a deeper understanding. It forces us to look more in-depth into the subject matter. Opposition is good as long as it leads us to draw us closer to God.

The human factor is what divides us. What causes an intolerable position. We need to represent God in the best possible manner.

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