[2:118] Those who possess no knowledge say, “If only GOD could speak to us, or some miracle could come to us!” Others before them have uttered similar utterances; their minds are similar. We do manifest the miracles for those who have attained certainty.

Every day in our lives we experience miracles. The difference between the believer and the disbeliever is that when we see a miracle we recognize that it is from God an not just mere coincidence. A great depiction of this is from the movie Pulp Fiction, when the two assassins barely miss death from being shot at point blank range. While one of the assassins saw this as divine intervention and changed the course of his life the other thought this was just a coincidence that the person was just a bad shot.

God’s miracles are all around us and it is from the grace of God that we can recognize these miracles when they occur.

From our bodies:


To the universe:


To every day life:


Below are some of the stories that were shared…

Flower pots
We were clearing the house and had a lot of large nice pots that we wanted to donate to Goodwill. We didn’t know if Goodwill was the best venue to find someone who would have the most use for the pots, but didn’t know of any alternatives. We were planning on dropping off the pots prior to Friday Prayer and were running late so decided that we would drop it off afterwards. After Friday Prayer we went to grab lunch and accidentally made a wrong turn. When we went to make a U-turn we just happened to turn into a parking lot with a sign saying “Lotus Gardens: Donations Welcome” It ended up this was a new project that they were starting to try to give work to homeless women through selling of garden supplies. They were more than enthusiastic to take our donations.

High School Exit Exam
When high school every student was required to take a test to see if they can make it to university. After the test they posted the results on a bulletin board. I was a really good student and thought for sure that I would be admitted, but upon reviewing the list I saw that my name was not posted. Distraught I went home and told my father who contact my brother in the United States and started the process for a visa to study in the states. When my other brother heard that I did not place on the exam he wanted to double check. When he went and looked into the matter he saw that my name was placed in-between the tears of the page and that I was actually admitted. I didn’t think anything about this for ten years. Within that ten years I finished school, got married, had two kids and then war erupted. As I was determining what would be best to do for my family my visa arrived and I was admitted to move to the US and bring my family.

Passport Ride
One night I accidentally left my passport on the top of my car and forgot about it. The following day I jumped in my car to go to work. I drove 25 miles on the highway going 70 mph. When I got to work and got out of the car I saw my son’s passport still sitting on top of the car.

Car Troubles
I was driving through a busy eight lane intersection in the middle of rush hour when my car broke down. Everyone was swerving and honking at me and I thought I was going to die, when someone very calmly drove up put cones around my car and told me to not worry. He casually pushed the minivan through the traffic and onto the side of the road. Then picked up the cones and drove off.

Lost Memory Stick
My dad lost his memory stick and was looking everywhere for it. A couple days later I find it on the street and it was heavily damaged and looked to have been ran over multiple times. I gave it to my dad and to everyone’s surprise it still worked and my dad was able to retrieve his files.

Wedding Ring Mishap
One day I get out of the shower and notice that I lost my wedding ring. Something inspired me to check in front of my kids school in the parking lot. When I went there in the middle of the street I found my ring still intact even though it was ran over by a car.

Misplaced Wallet
I left my wallet in the middle of a busy downtown area on a park bench, but didn’t realize it until we were nearly home. I started to panic thinking that for sure someone probably took my wallet. I recited the key asking God to protect my wallet as we drove back. When I finished I noticed that the license plate in front of us was 4HER114. I took this message as don’t worry “for her” “4HER” and 114 = 19×6. Praise God when we got back to the park bench it was still there and nothing was missing from it.

Ninja Reflexes
When I was 16 years old I was playing at a park with some friends, when an officer stops us and accuses us of breaking a window at the school the night before. I was the oldest and objected to the officer. The officer was not taking nice to my objections and began to get really confrontational. He got right up to my face and went to slap me across the face. I didn’t see the slap coming, but without knowing it managed to put my hand up just in time to block the slap. Both officer and me were shocked and stared at each other in disbelief as my hand was still up next to my face. The officer then took a pause and stepped back took a deep breath and said perhaps you were not the ones who caused the damage. Then walked away.

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